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Sunglasses The Essential Accessory Not Just In The Summer



person holding sunglasses

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Sunglasses should be worn all-year

Since summer is already here, the main season of sunglasses, I thought to write a short post just to show you 3 of my favourite sunglasses. All of them are preloved pieces as you have already become accustomed to. LOL

Before showing them I just would like to draw your attention to some important facts and points.

I myself wear sunglasses the whole year, so I never leave the house without them. Why? First of all, sunglasses can boost your outfit. Moreover, you can be even mysterious with them, and we all know that people love mystical things. But, seriously speaking, in the autumn, winter and spring the sun is closer to the horizon, so it can shine straightly into your eyes. This is similar to the situation when you are driving in the late afternoons towards the setting sun and it is shining into your eyes. Furthemore, in winter the snow reflects up the sun's UV light, so your eyes are hit twice. It was convincing, wasn't it?

Let's see some important things to consider before buying sunglasses.

1. UV protection

This must be in the first place as our eyesight is our greatest treasure. The lenses should have  100% UV protection, because UVA and UVB rays can be harmful to our eyes.

2. Larger lenses

You should choose sunglasses with larger lenses because the larger surface can block more rays, thus give better protection. I also recommend you to check the height of the lenses not just the size of the frame.

3. Scratches

If you buy a preloved item you should avoid buying sunglasses with scratches on it. Though, it is said that scratches on lenses do not impact UV protection, they can even harm your eyesight, by tiring them. And last but not least, scratches can make us more prone to accidents when we are driving.

4. Face shapes

Finally, let's see what type of sunglasses fit to our face shapes. I know that you all have several sunglasses and you already know what is good for you, but in spite of this I think it is useful information.  There are four main categories of face shapes: oval, round, square and heart. In the table below you can find the most important guidelines:

FACE SHAPE                    SUNGLASSES

OVAL                                   OVERSIZED

ROUND                               ANGULAR

SQUARE                             ROUNDER

HEART                              WIDER THAN YOUR FOREHEAD

Now, I am going to show you my favourite sunglasses.


Fendi sunglasses


Balenciaga sunglasses


Chanel sunglasses


Chanel sunglasses-the temples are decorated with crystals

    The temples are decorated with crystals

Where can you buy pre-loved sunglasses?

There is a wide selection of fantastic sunglasses on Vestiaire Collective where you can get discount on your 1st purchase with the following codes:







WELCOMEEE21 Code Eastern Europe   

On Fashionphile you can find exceptional pieces at exceptional prices.

You can find different 'Summer Deals' on the site of The Luxury Closet.

Current Boutique offers free shipping on all U.S. orders over $100 now.

Farfetch has a lot of promotions not just for the summer.             

It is also worth browsing Open for Vintage if you want to find that special item and save money.                



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