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Review of Gucci Fox Trimmed GG Patterned Scarf



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You can see the four different colours together

Scarf season is here

I think, that speaking about scarves is an absolutely up-to-date topic, as autumn and cooler weather is already here.

I did not have a lot of scarves earlier, simply because I rarely find any, which could make me fall in love with it at first sight. But now, I am really passionate about scarves.

Scarves are definitely great accessories for women, because they can help us make a simple outfit elegant and stylish. Using scarves can give you a brand new look every day, moreover, you should not forget their initial purpose to keep you warm in cold weather.

As I more and more immersed in the world of preowned designer luxury, I found so much lovely pieces that I began to write a list about the pieces I would like to buy later. Needles to say, the more I was surfing the net, the more beauties I found, so my wish list was continuously growing.:) I always have a price in my head for which I intend to buy a bag, or ring, or whatever.

One day, I discovered a beautiful grey Gucci scarf with trimmed silver fox on it. I would rather call it a stole, as its size is really big. As time passed, I decided to get that gorgeous scarf somehow. One thing was sure, it will be mine sooner or later. :)

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My very first Gucci scarf in grey

My first Gucci scarf

Finally, I have found one on Ebay and I could buy it at a really very friendly price. I have to tell you that jumping into the world of designer luxuries will put you into a flow. It will never end. When I received the scarf, I discovered that it can be bought in other colours,too. Brown, darkgreen/black and beige. So, my next long term project was to try to find all those colours. Of course, it did not succeed one day to the next, but with really 'hard work' I collected 4 different colours from this GG pattern stole.

Four different colours


Shape: rectangular

Size: approximately 130 x 130 cm

Material : Wool 70% Silk 30%


  • It is an exceptionally beautiful piece that will never go out of fashion. I am always happy when I wear this.

  • The scarf is light and warm, and has got a soft silky touch (as the 30% of the material is silk).

  • It is durable, because I’ve been using my very first scarf for 3 years now, and it is still in perfect condition.

  • You can wear it all year round, in autumn, winter and even in spring.

 CONS: With very heavy heart, but I must write down two things.

  • There will surely be some pulled threads over time despite of normal use, so you must wear it a bit carefully.

  • Because of the material composition and the trimmed fox fur, the scarf needs dry clean.

As scarves are essential items for every woman, its not surprising that we can see many celebrities wearing different gorgeous pieces. One of my favourite celeberities is JLO, who has got a marvellous collection from scarves. 3 years ago I saw a photo of her wearing an exceptional luxurious Gucci scarf and there was nothing I could do but try to find that special scarf. Luckily, I did not have to wait for long and the same scarf came into front of me.

A Gucci scarf is definitely a must-have wardrobe piece which adds a touch of luxury to your outfit. I knew when I bought each of them that I’d wear them nearly every day from autumn to spring and through all winter.

But is it worth the money?

My short answer is: yes. I firmly beleive that any of this scarf is a timeless investment piece, even more so, as they are no longer available on the official Gucci site. You can buy one only as a preloved item, which I think adds to its uniqueness.

Which colour to choose?

It is up to you, but I bet that if you buy one colour you will surely want to have other colours, too. I have to say that I have never seen such a fantastic fashion asccesory that would elevate your look in such a unique way, like this scarf does. So, the answear is it is absolutely indifferent which colour you choose, as all of them will give a you a chic look and pull your entire outfit together. I really hope that the very first image can ease you which coulour to choose and give some help how they differ from each other.

What to consider before purchasing?

Of course, it depends on many factors, but the most important points that need to be considered before shopping are the followings:

  • can you afford it?

  • what is the climate of your living place?

  •         how often could you use it?

  •          does it match with your personal style?

     Where to buy such scarves?

As I live in Europe, I bought the majority of my scarves through Vestiaire Collective (the leading online luxury resale marketplace for second-hand luxury goods in Europe), as they have always got a wide selection of accessories, too. I know that still many people reject the idea of purchasing any second-hand fashion items, but beleive me that you can very often find brand- new pieces (even with the original price tags hanging on it) that has never been worn. You can get 20 € off from your first order at Vestiaire Collective.


I can higly recommend you to purchase such a beautiful scarf, as it will make you extremely fashionable and give you so much pleasure while wearing.

See you next time!

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