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One of My Best Luxury Purchases (or Investments)

2021-05-12 A post about my gorgeous vintage Chanel Premiere Watch, which was the first watch made for ladies by Chanel. It is a real timepiece and I’m in love with it.


Hi, dear readers,

As you have probably read in my earlier posts that after making my first preloved luxury purchase, I am hooked on buying preowned designer pieces. When I bought my first treasure, I continued browsing the luxury resale platforms and soon realised that I would like to buy a lot of other things, too. OMG!

At first, I did not have a Wish List, but then I started to write one, which is getting longer day by day. (I call it Bucket List!)

To be honest, watches were not on my wish list quite a while, but one day, I stumbled across  a gorgeous watch and could not resist the temptation to get it. Watches are not simply fashion accessories, but very often considered as a status symbol. Oh no, I did not buy it for this reason. I swear! It is simply wonderful and if you ask me, a beautiful watch is a must-have accessory for every woman.

In this post, I would like to introduce a real masterpiece to you, the Chanel Premiere Watch.

The Chanel Premiere watches were introduced in 1987. As the name suggests it was the very first Chanel watch made for women.

The face itself was designed after the rectangular cap of the famous Chanel No. 5 Parfum bottle and the octagonal shape of Coco Chanel's beloved Place Vendome, the famous square of Paris, which is now the centre of many luxury shops.

The background of the watch is black, but the hands are gold-toned. It was made with a gold-plated chain bracelet interwoven with black lambskin leather. It is similar to the straps you can see on the Classic Flap Bag and the East West Chocolate Bar Bag.

This beauty  is made from stainless steel, and plated with 18K gold. This is a vintage piece from year 1987. Unfortunately, this model is no longer sold at Chanel, but you can still buy it on luxury resale platforms. Anyway, a wide range of watches from the Premiere collection are still available on the CHANEL website.

Where can you buy the Chanel Premiere Watch?

This model can still be found on several luxury resale platforms, like Collector SquareFashionphile, Rebag, The Luxury Closet, Vestiaire Collective, Open for Vintage, Poshmark and Tradesy.

Was it a simple luxury spending or an investment?

Though, I can imagine that many of you think that people usually buy other big names, like Rolex, as investment watches, but  I can really say that this Chanel watch was worth buying. The other day, I checked the actual value of this model on some luxury resale sites and I was surprised to see that the price of a similar, gently used watch has nearly doubled in the last 2 years. There is no doubt that besides its elegant look, it was a good investment purchase, too.

Since I regularly check and compare the prices of different preowned designer pieces, it was not hard to figure out that these luxury designer items are better investments than keeping the money in the bank or buying stocks.

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