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How I Started Buying Pre-owned Luxury Fashion Goods



I have never been keen on buying other people's second-hand items, but my attitude has changed over time in this question.

As our personality is constantly changing, our taste is no exception for this process. Sometimes, this change can come suddenly, as it happened in my case. The whole thing came out of the blue, like a bolt of lightning.

My story started, when I went to a designer outlet center on a beautiful winter day. I was walking through the boutiques, hunting for some new designer pieces, when I caught sight of a blond-haired woman in a brown mink fur coat, holding a black Chanel bag in her hands. I was impressed by the woman's elegant style. I could hardly take off my eyes from her bag and a question came into my mind: How should I have a similar Chanel bag? I had already had a mink coat, so the bag was missing, only.

This picture did not go out of my head, and as soon as, I had more time, I began to surf the net. (I think, I am not alone with these phenomena, when I see a beautiful bag or jewelry, it gets stuck into my head, and I think about it all the time. Believe me, you can easily get rid of this problem, if you buy that special item. LOL)

So, it was evident for me that designer bags are quite expensive, but I soon realised that there are many websites which offer pre-owned luxury items at a very good price. From that day, browsing the net and searching for pre-loved luxury items became part of my daily routines.

Beleive me, hunting for new treasures well below their original retail price can be a great hobby, and so much fun.

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