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Gucci GG Platform Sandals Review



Fallen in love with Gucci GG platform sandals

When I started buying second hand luxury items I did not think of ever buying designer shoes or sandals.

My firm beleif was that I would invest only in bags, watches and jewelries and I always rejected the idea of buying designer shoes or sandals beacuse of  their loss of value. Though, it is said that designer shoes depreciate their value slower than clothing and sometimes they can be as good investments as bags, I think that shoes must be worn very rarely in order to preserve their original state for a long time.

But, unfortunately  common sense does not prevail if we catch sight of a beautiful designer item. This happened to me again and I have fallen in love with these amazing pink Gucci GG Marmont platform sandals immediately. As they are relatively expensive I have been eyeing them for a while, but I finally took the plunge, because it was 60% cheaper than the original retail price and what is very important that it has never been worn.

Before I purchased them I tried to do a research if they are worth the money, but the final conclusion was of course a big yes.

Now, I am sharing a short review if you would fall in love with these sandals, as well.


It is needless to say that the quality of these beauties is perfect. The sandals are made of fine calfskin with rounded open toes, 12 cm high block heels and platforms. There are silver tone GG logos on the front straps and they have got buckle fastenings. The insole material is made of leather (of course) and the heels are also covered with calfskin.


Though, because of the platform style, the heels are very high, it is easy to walk in them. They don't require any breaking in, but I have to menion that wearing them does not give a soft feeling, I would rather say a bit hard. The inside width could be a bit larger for me -it is 9 cm wide-, but I think it is the fault of my feet. LOL


My overall opinion is, that it can be a super stylish piece of every wardrobe. What it makes so fantastic is the colour and the quality of materials, not forget to mention the fine craftmanship. Are they worth the money? Definitely, especially if you manage to buy them for a fraction of the original price.  

Where can you find such amazing Gucci sandals?

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