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Chanel Scarf Review



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Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

I wish you a stylish, magical and happy New Year! May your all dreams come true! I hope I can help you with my posts in 2022, too.

Vintage Chanel scarf review

New year means new interesting topics. Today, I am going to write about my beautiful vintage Chanel scarf and I intend to give you a little help what things to watch out before purchasing one.

If you're thinking of taking a little luxury into your everyday life, fashion accessories are the best solutions to do this. As cold weather is already upon us, the most obvious choice is now to buy a scarf, which is an affordable way to add a new designer piece into your collection.

I myself have been wanting to buy a Chanel scarf for some time and when I caught sight of this blue vintage piece, my heart began to beat faster. Originally, the scarf wasn't on my wishlist, but later I fell in love with it. I have found this beauty on Vestiaire Collective, which is one of my favourite and reliable luxury resale platforms. Why is it important to find a reliable second-hand luxury website? Now, we are living in the age of counterfeits, so many replica scarves are offered for sale on different web pages. I advise you to be careful and always buy only from reliable sources or platforms.


It is made of silk, and its quality is absolutely excellent. Its size is: 85 x 85 cm.


I do think that it is so classic that will never go out of fashion and will last forever. It makes your oufit extremely elegant and at the same time it gives you a luxurious look and feel.


None. I really did not find any.

How to wear it?

There are many ways to wear the scarf, not just around your neck, but in your hair or even on the handles of your handbag.

Is it worth the money?

A Chanel scarf is no doubt a timeless accessory, that can absolutely boost your confidence. Anyway, any type of designer item can make you feel self-confident. I just can say that if it makes you excited to see the scarf or whatever, then it is definitely worth the money.

 How to buy pre-loved Chanel scarves?

As I have previously pointed out, many replica scarves can be found on the net, so I had to make some research on how to recognize an authentic Chanel scarf, before I bought it. Luckily, I have a found an excellent website: FASHION FOR LUNCH, where I could read valuable guidelines and watch helpful videos. You can find the website with the article on how to authenticate a chanel silk scarf here.

Kirsty, who makes, is a UK fashion blogger. She was very, very kind and helpful to me. I was unsure about the authenticity of the scarf I was offered to buy first, but I sent her a message with photos about that scarf, and she helped me immediately by telling me that the scarf was probably a fake one.

2 examples what to look for

I would like to highlight just two important things, that could be helpful to you. An authentic classic Chanel scarf is usually made of silk, while a fake one will not. I enclose a photo on which you can see that the scarf has lines going through the fabric. 

Another important characteristic feature is that classic Chanel silk scarves always have a hand rolled edge, while counterfeits usually have a machine stitched edge.

If you want to get more information on how to authenticate a Chanel silk scarf, then visit Kirsty's website, where you can find a thorough guide about the main characteristics of an authentic Chanel shawl.

 Where to buy pre-owned Chanel scarves on-line?

Though, many people refuse the idea of buying second-hand luxury items, it is still a good choice if you want to get a designer piece at the fraction of the original price. At the same time, I’d be cautious when buying anything pre-loved since there are a lot of fakes.

Vestiaire Collective is my favorite luxury resale platform when it comes to shopping for second-hand designer pieces. They are absolutely reliable, and you can get 20€ off from your first order.

Final conclusion

I can higly recommend you to try to purchase such an elegant scarf, as it will never go out of fashion, and will give you so much pleasure while wearing it.

Happy shopping!

See you next time!

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