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Hi, dear readers,

I'm very glad to have you here!

My name is Beata. I'm a woman of 53 and living in Europe. I have been thinking about writing a blog for a very long time and finally I made up my mind and started it. The topic was already given, that is my favourite hobby: pre-loved luxury fashion.

My passion for pre-owned luxury items began with buying a Chanel bag, and I can say that I became totally addict to designer luxury pieces since then, especially to the pre-loved ones. Today, I already own some really exceptional pieces and I can say that I love all of them. Unluckily, when I first jumped into the world of pre-owned luxuries, I did not have any experience in it, at all. I did not know how to buy, what to buy and where. To be quite honest, I did not look for any kind of useful information or advice before I made my first purchase, though it must have been very helpful. It would have been advisable to make some research in different questions before buying anything. I do not say, I would have regretted any of my purchases I have made so far, I just say I could have gathered more information before buying a relatively expensive item.

Now, as I have already managed to buy some really nice pieces, I thought of creating a site and collecting useful tips that can help for everyone who are just considering making their first step into the fabulous world of pre-owned designer luxuries. If you have no idea how or where to start it, then this blog is written for you. I would like to share my experiences with you and introduce you some of my favourite treasures I have collected until now.

I really hope you will enjoy all the posts you read and stay with me for a long time.

Thank you for stopping by!

red and brown leather handbag
Dior bracelet
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