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12 Exceptional Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

2021-06-12 My favourite fashion influencers

Buying second hand designer fashion is becoming a trend nowadays, as more and more people recognize the importance of this eco-friendly way of buying fashion pieces. Besides the fact that this a sustainable choice for our environment, it is also an affordable way for us to buy quality designer items.

As I started my blog, I began searching for influencers who advocate purchasing preloved designer items. I would like to introduce you several fantastic women (in random order!) who give us endless inspiration how to be stylish and luxurious in a cost-effective way.

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Fashion Jackson

Amy Jackson lives in Dallas, Texas. She started her blog Fashion Jackson as a side project, but now it is one of the most successful blogs with her minimalist and clear style. She can marvellously combine a simple top and jeans with a beautiful designer bag, making her look stylish with no effort. I love her stunning  oversized sunglasses that are a must-have accessory for her (and for me, too!) You can read here where she buys pre-owned designer handbags.

Monroe Steele

Monroe Steele started fashion Steele NYC in 2010 as a creative outlet for her thrift and luxury fashion items. She is passionate about fashion and she regularly shows us her excellent taste for clothes. If you follow her you can gain insight behind the scenes of fashion weeks of New York, Paris and Milan. She also tries to help influencers and fashion bloggers with intersting and valuable posts on how to be a succesful enterpreneur or youtuber.

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